Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews : and Buying Guide 2020

According to a report from Consumer Product Safety commission, there are a table saw injury in every 9 minutes. And 10 amputations are there in the USA every day.

We’re not sure whether you’re all aware of these stats or not. But if you’re a regular woodworker, you’d never ever like to be a victim. And we’re 100% sure about that.

On that note, finding the safest and better cabinet table saw that's precise in its operation- is a hard nut to crack. And that's the reason I've seen many workers to regret on their investments.

But as you’ve managed to visit this page, we’ll make sure that you’re not one of them.

Throughout this post, we've crafted a list of 10 of the best cabinet table saw reviews and broken down the features in details. If taken care of easily, these data is all you need to grab the next cabinet table saw and end up happily ever after.

Enough of the intro. Now let’s get going-

Our Top 5 Cabinet Table Saw Comparison Table:

Our Top 10 Cabinet Table Saw Reviews:

1. DEWALT DWE7490X 10” Table Saw 

You know how widely-famous Dewalt is among us workmen. And when this giant manufacturer comes with a hi-tech cabinet table saw, that deserves some serious attention for sure. We're talking about DEWALT DWE7490X, which is the #1 ranked best cabinet table saw of our list. And we've got some serious reasons behind that.

Let’s take you through them one-by-one.

Smart-cut Pressure Treated Woods

The best and probably, the rarest quality of a table saw is when it turns to be equally compatible for both softwood and hardwood. The 15amp high torque motor offers a superb depth of cut as 3-⅛". Also, you can cut it around 90 degrees. You can degrade the cutting depth and angle into 2-¼" and 45 degrees as well.

Fast Fence Adjustment 

The DEWALT DWE7490X comes with a rack and pinion adjustment that contains a set of telescopic fence rails. Adjusting fence will be softer, smoother and faster with it for sure.

28” Rip Capacity

Ripping capacity is one of the important quality of a table saw, sometimes the most important one. But DEWALT DWE7490X will bring a smile on your face with it’s magnificent 28” ripping capacity.

Modular Guard System

We’ve seen many models to come with modular guards. But the adjustment had been a consistent problem. But DEWALT DWE7490X features tools-free modular guard system adjustment and set that according to the adjustment.

2.5 Inches Dust Collector System

Extracting the dust comes to be a serious hassle for most of the workmen who deal with table saws. And that's also a great source of diseases. But Dewalt had taken care of this in this model pretty well. It comes with a 2.5 inches dust port where you can use a vacuum cleaner to wipe out the dust easily.

What We Liked

  • 15 amp high power motor.
  • 45 and 90 degrees wide cutting angle.
  • Electronic feedback provided while operating.
  • Durable and quite heavy-duty.
  • Telescoping fence with 24-½” cut.
  • Rack and pinion fence.
  • Fast and smooth adjustments.
  • Perfect for narrow rip cuts.
  • Comes with a folding stand.
  • Quite cheap in price.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn't contain table as long as regular cabinet table saws.

2. SawStop PCS31230 3HP Cabinet Saw

Saw Stop is the brand that we are going to talk about multiple times in today's list. And it starts without #2 ranked SawStop PCS31230 3HP Cabinet Saw.

For woodworkers who often have to deal with heavy woodworks, they need a high-end saw to assist him. If you’ve been likely that, this is the tool that you might have been looking for.

Give us a moment and let us explain the features in details-

The Best Cutting Depth Ever

We've 9 more saws listed in this post. Some being from enormous brands of the industry. But very few of them can get even close to the level of cut it provides. It gives you an incredible cutting depth of 85-¼".

52” Glide Fence System

Conducting operations smoothly is what every woodworker demands. But unfortunately, most of them fail to meet the par. But with this model from Saw Stop, that's a beautiful exception. It has a 52 inches T-glide system.

Decent Control and Measurement 

The precision measurement is one of the shiniest features of this tool. You can lockdown without even a slight deflection in the measurement of the workpiece. Your cuts will be as perfect as you measure them theoretically. And that's superb for any woodworker.

An Efficient Dust Collector

For many woodworkers, one common reason for getting into diseases is the dust due to woodworkers. You can put an end to the bad part of the story with this table saw. It has an efficient and safe dust collection blade guard. It'll certainly grab most of the dust that's produced around.

What We Liked

  • 3HP motor with great efficiency.
  • 52 inches T-glide system.
  • A great cut of maximum 85-¼".
  • 99% dust collectors provided.
  • Made of heavy-duty trunnions.
  • Gas piston assistance comes with the model.
  • Silent and noise-free.
  • Efficient power transfer through V-belt.
  • Minimum vibration while working.
  • Mobile and easy to carry around.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit expensive for anyone seeking a budget-friendly pick.

3. Shop Fox W1819 3 HP Table Saw:

Shop Fox is a pretty familiar brand to mechanics and DIYers. At least, when it comes to compound products like table saws, miter saws and so on. At #3 of the list, we’ver got Shop Fox W1819 3 HP Table Saw from the famous producer.

The W1819 comes to be an all-in-one pick, with a good built, great support and top-notch performance. Being built with cast iron trunnions, and equipped with a 3HP motor, this saw is a right fit for both softwood and hardwood works.

Let’s have a look at it’s most iconic features-

It’s Built to Be Safe for User

One of the greatest advantages this cabinet table saw gives is a set of safety measures. There is a  blade guard assembly that comes with a polycarbonate shield. To assist the shield, there is a spreader and an anti-kickback pawls. The pawls are on both sides of the spreader. In together, it creates a good amount of safety for users of any experience level.

A Miter Fence with A Flip Stop

As we said, this product not comes alone into your garage. It has a number of add-ons and associative products. Miter fence with a flip stop is one of them. Its sole purpose is to provide more support to the workpiece than what a miter saw would do.

The flip stop that comes along with the miter fence turns to be handy while you're about to make several cuts of the same width. Also, you can deal with longer work pieces with the table saw. You're also provided with ample independency while choosing the width of the cut as well.

Tilting The Blade Around 0-45 Degrees

While operating with this table saw, you can tilt the blade around. The range it allows you to do so is from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Whether you're cutting bevels or chamfers, this comes to be a true blessing for any mechanic.

 A blade tilt lock is also there to position it securely.

What We Liked

  • 3HP power with 29-½” ripping capacity.
  • Polished cast iron table and trunnions.
  • Miter gauge with T-slot.
  • Camlock safety.
  • Dado and standard table insert.
  • Easy-glide T-fence system.
  • 4 inches dust port.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit deflection while clamping.

4. SawStop PCS175-TGP236 Professional Cabinet Saw :

Woodworkers are always proud of a good woodwork that they've crafted. Same goes for woodworking tool manufacturers. And as long as Saw Stop-the brand is considered, SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is one of their most proudful creations. And right now, it's on our podium.

Let's break down some of its core features-

A Table Saw Built to Last

Trunnion, which is one of the most vital parts of a table saw, comes to be built heavily in this model. It can deal with even then thickest absorbs of a 10 inches saw. For ease in operation, there is a gas-piston system provided.

It Collects 99% of the Dust

I know how much hassle it becomes when you've dust all around the worktable. As you know, it's hazardous for health as well. This model, however, comes with a shroud and dust collection blade guard to take care of the dust. In practice, it takes care of 99% of the dust produced.

It’s Mobile and Ready to Move with You

You never want your table saw to be fixed at one place once and for all. This model has an impressive feature of being super-mobile. It has two fixed wheels that can rotate around 360 degrees. Also, there is a feature to lift the base with one foot. On top of that, it has a hydraulic piston assist.

What We Liked

  • It has 36” T-glide fence system.
  • Perfectly engineered with great precision.
  • Heavy-duty trunnions.
  • Gas piston assistance provided.
  • Collects 99% of the dust.
  • Super mobility with one-foot lifting.
  • Quite in sound and easy to operate at home.
  • Can be reset in 90 seconds.

What We Didn’t Like

  • 1.7HP power is insufficient for heavier works.

5. Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw:

Delta had been quite a brand for recent years who've opted in the power tools industry. And Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw one of their signature creations. But that's not the only reason we've chosen this product to enlist in this post.

Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw had one of the best structure and finish we've ever seen in the industry Along with a dual front crank, a single cast trunnion system and a smooth operation, we've found this as a good bang for the bucks.

Let’s see what else it’d got in the box-

Single Cast Iron Trunnion System

Vibration control had been one of the sole issues when it comes to cabinet saws around the industry. Fortunately, this one from Delta gives us a good vibe with its single cast trunnion systems. Also, it provides a continuous and smooth operation process while working.

Dual Front Cranks

Dual front cranks are another notable feature of the model. There is also an adjustable blade and you can adjust the height and bevel level easily. That's a good range of adjustability if you think about it.

Fine Tuning with The Bevel Dial

The bevel dial can be fine-tuned within a level of ¼ degree to ensure ease in use and application. Also, this gives you a scope to improve your accuracy while working with a table saw.

A Large Cast Iron Base

In the beginning, we're talking about the structure and finish of this product. And that implies one of the finest iron bases of the table saw industry. It provides a strong and stable operation, along with added power. The power also can be chosen from both 3hp and 5hp.

What We Liked

  • Both 3HP and 5HP motor power to chose from.
  • Singel cast trunnion system.
  • Dual front crank system.
  • A bevel dial is provided for fine-tuning.
  • A strong and well-finished iron base.
  • Efficient, smooth and ease in operation.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The price seems to be out of the mid-range budget.

6. JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe:

If you want to go an extra mile with your table saw, no wonder you’ll be expecting some extensions to the features of it. We’re talking about features like dust port, rip fence, cutting depth and the overall structure.

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe is our next product to be discussed and this is the tool that's going to give you all these extended facilities. No matter it's the performance or structure, you'll not be regretting about the money you'd invest after it.

Let's see at its features and benefits -

Safe Riving Knife and Arbor Lock

Let's talk about the safety first. This saw brings on a quick release riving knife and an integrated arbor lock. The riving knife with a quick release will also save a good chunk of your time while working.

Upgradable V-belt System

Power transfer efficiency is one of the parameters with whom we define how good a table saw it. In case of this model, we have Deluxe XACTA SAW we have got an upgradable V-belt made of poly. In operation, this belt drives smooth and efficient operation.

Wide and Spacious Table to Work On

As you know, the table should be spacious enough as long as you deal with a table saw for working. This model here has got a 26"x30" table with it along with wings. Comparing to typical worktables, you'll be getting little extra space here. Also, there is a storage to store up the accessories and your personal products.

What We Liked

  • 3HP motor power.
  • 50 inches rip fence.
  • Quick release riving knife.
  • Integrated arbor lock.
  • Poly V-belt system.
  • The wide working area with storage.
  • Reduced kickbacks or bindings.
  • Comes with a 4” dust port.
  • Safe with the protective guard provided.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Table is not perfectly level.

7. Powermatic 1792001K PM2000:

The award-winning Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 is a one-piece table saw that sets a new standard of innovation in the whole industry. It has a wide range of patented features along with maximum usability for the users. The body design is massive, and it's ready to deal with smaller and even biggest of the woodworks.

Let's have a closer look at its features and how they're going to end up as your best cabinet saw table.

Improved Trunnion Mechanism

For many years, PowerMatic had been a leading performer as long as the trunnion mechanism of their table saws is considered. Along with that, there is a rigid and box-style design of the whole saw accompanies with high-end gear drive and bearings.

Easy to Adjust and Move

I know many of us had been facing trouble with replacing and moving the table saws, as there is no mobility provided. But the case is exceptional with Powermatic 1792001K PM2000. There are two cast iron-made handwheels where each of them has a spinner handle.

Minimum Kickback Risk

Once you have got a cabinet table saw with enough kickback risk, that should be a serious threat for you. Powermatic had been concerned enough to reduce this risk. There is a quick release riving knife to help you reducing the kickback risks.

What We Liked

  • It has got an advanced trunnion mechanism.
  • Easy to move and adjust.
  • Vibration free solid constriction.
  • Can undergo massive woodworks.
  • 3 hp motor power with a magnetic on-off switch.
  • Table expands up to 42 inches.
  • Dust shroud collector provided.

What We Didn’t Like

  • 3 inch dust collector may not seem sufficient for heave woodworks it's able to handle.

8. Delta 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW:

At this point of the review, we're here with Delta 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW, a recent but extremely workable model from Delta. Delta had been quite a familiar name in the industry of power and hand tools. And this one we're talking about is no exception of that.

Let's give some attention to its features and benefits and check whether it's a right fit for you or not.

52” Fence System for Professional Woodworking

As you've seen earlier, even greatest of the brands use to produce table saws with not more than 50" fence system. Delta had put a new exception with this 52" fence system in this mode. Thus, it's ideal for both professional and semi-professional woodworkers and plumbers.

A Single Cast Iron Trunnion System

For controlling the vibration at it's best there is a single cast iron made trunnion system provided with Delta 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW. Also, it implies smooth control, great accuracy, and ease in handling.

Dual Front Cranks Helps to Adjust Easily

Adjusting the blades and blade height is one task that you have to do frequently while working with a cabinet table saw. In this model, there is a dual front crank provided. It also helps in repeating the same tasks over and over.

More Surface Area with The Tabletop

While cutting a job, you may need some extra space to stability the material and continue the operation. This model has an improved tabletop geometry which will bring you smoothness in operation. Also, it's easy to use.

What We Liked

  • Dual front cranks provided.
  • Improved table-top geometry.
  • The base is made of strong and sturdy cast iron.
  • The on-off switch provided.
  • Easy to operate and handle.
  • One of the largest blade opening.
  • Efficient dust extraction.
  • A smart storage area provided.
  • A biesemeyer fence system.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The motor mount needs frequent adjustments.

9. Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw:

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw is a medium-standard model of cabinet saws and it seems to be satisfying to woodworkers so far. We've chosen this one in this list because of its 10 feet left-tilting, a good motor power, efficient belt drive, and a safe and secure camlock feature.

It has quite some new features to list down below-

10 Feet Left Tilting

With the iconic 10 ft left tilting feature, Grizzly had set a benchmark around the industry. And so far, this is the best feature we've found in any product of the list. Thus, it implies great usability and ease of access.

3HP Leeson Motor for Great Power

The motor is the source of everything that happens around the table saw and it's operations. In this case, Grizzly had put a 3HP motor that will work fine for woodworks of the small, medium and heavy grade.

Triple belt Drive

Belt drive is the source of power conversion from the motor tot he saw blade. And as long as you have the triple belt driver in this model, you don't have to worry about the efficiency at all.

Camlock T-fence

I’ve seen many cabinet table saws to have T-fences with a proper locking system. While the Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw is a serious exception. It had got a camlock system installed to provide ample safety while working around.

What We Liked

  • 3HP single phase motor.
  • Maximum dado width with rip capacity.
  • Ground cast iron made a table.
  • A miter gauge with T-slot.
  • Includes blade guard and riving knife.
  • Powder coated paint.
  • Easy to glide fence system.
  • Adjusting fence is made easier.
  • Fence system of T-square type.
  • Good price comparing the quality.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The green bottom can be scratched easily.

10. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw:

At this point of the whole list, we've included another Powermatic table saw. As you saw earlier, Powermatic saws provide ample attention to the details and also to the level of user-friendliness as well. Therefore, this new model namely Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw, is no exception. With a convenient safety feature, it can assist your woodworks like any cabinet table saws.

Let's have a glance at its features-

It’s Wired for 115V Usage

The most ground-breaking feature of this table saw is, it can work with 115V power supplies. As this is considered to be an exceptional power output, very few of the brands prepare table saws to run with it. However, if you've been in a 115V electric environment, Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw is the go-to product for you.

30” Fence System

I know there had been many models who're able to provide more than 50 inches fence systems. But as long as you consider the smaller versions of wood works or the hobbyist type of them, 30" fence system seems to be enough.

A Great Dust Collection Power

Like always, dust collection had been quite an issue for any woodworker. This one from Powermatic had given serious attention to that. As it's made for smaller wood works, the dust amount won't be so big. So the 2 inch  dust collector port can deal it easily.

What We Liked

  • Wired for 115V usage.
  • Runs of a poly V-belt.
  • Good efficiency with the reduced hassle.
  • Energy efficient and less vibration.
  • Good dust collection power.
  • 30 inches fence system provided.
  • A small-ranged product within budget.

What We Didn’t Like

  • 1-¾ HP motor seems to be for low-end works only.

Buying our Cabinet Table Saw: What Need To Be Considered? 

As you’ve gone through 10 of our best picks, now it’s time for some serious discussion on how to identify the right one for you. In other words, we’re about to give you a complete buyer’s guide that would help you in picking one right fit within your budget and requirements.

The Safety

Of course, most of the woodworkers are concerned about the safety measures their tools offer them. In case of a cabinet table saw, that's no exception. Quick release riving knives and blade guards are two of the most common safety feature that we can find in popular models. Also, if you can adopt a flesh-sensing technology within the table saw, that's a plus.

The Power Output

The motor power is another important, yet a confusing factor, especially for beginners. As you know, the more power requirement massively depends on the type of works you're about to do with the tool.

As we've seen there are motor powers available ranging from 1-¼ hp to 5 hp. Also, they can be compatible with either low-end voltage like 120V to high-end voltage like 220V.

The Blade Factors

This is the most important part of the whole machine that's going to do works while woodworking. So, the capacity, opening, tilting angle, and alignment play important roles when you're deciding the best pick for you.

Apart from the blade, the riving knife should also be easy-to-assemble and setup. Lastly, have an eye on the fence positioning as well.

The Capacity to Cut

Not all the table saws and their blades are equally able to deal with all type of woodworks. Based on the blade size, motor power, and motor rpm, the cutting capacity varies from models to models. You need to analyze whether you're about to cut softwoods, or hardwoods or anything in between. That would help you to determine what cut capacity you should be expecting from the table saw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How riveting knife works for a cabinet table saw?

Answer: It’s a safety device that is usually installed on table saws and massively used for protecting workers while operating. It’s attached to the saw’s arbor.

2. I’m not sure which motor power i should chose. Any suggestion on that?

Answer: Based on whether you're going to work with softwoods or hardwoods, and how deep cut you're expecting, you should be determining the amount of motor power you need.

3. Based on wood types, what should i keep in mind while coshing the blade?

Answer: There are many blade types available. The type of wood that is going to be operated, and the expected smoothness- these are the determining factor of blade types.

4. How important does the dust collection port carry?

Answer: Sawdust is one of the most threatening issues for woodworkers. So having an efficient dust collector port is necessary.

5. What’s about the mobility options in a cabinet table saw?

Answer: There are options of mobility in the models that are movable. You can easily move their positions with these extensions.

Bottom Line

That's all guys. Thanks for being till the very end of the best cabinet table saw reviews. Hopefully, you've already prepared a shortlist of products that you're interested in. Our only advice is, check whether your chosen product meets both ends of budget and performance. Keep the safety issues in mind as well.

Happy woodworking!

Mark Taylor

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