best chainsaw chain sharpener For The Money Reviews 2020

A smart person like you already realizes the importance a chainsaw sharpener and that is why you are here.

But do you have a clear idea on some bitter truths about this product? Well, we will tell you.

You won’t any person who wants to buy a low-quality tool expending money. But finger crossed, there are a lot of us who end up spending their bucks after poor quality sharpeners. And that’s because of the way the companies advertise about their tools. And we as users, get fooled so easily!

Now, let’s come to the point. I think, you the person who is here to know the best chainsaw chain sharpener on the market. But, you want it at a standard price that is not highly expensive. If so, you are in the right place.

Use your chainsaw for years of years with comfort and more effective than the previous experience! That is how?

Use a good quality chainsaw sharpener and to get that you can pick one from the list we made. A quality chainsaw sharpener can change the working experience of using a chainsaw.

Things to Consider before Buying a Chain Saw Sharpener:

Not only for a chainsaw sharpener, all the products on the market are not same in quality. Some of them are best and rest of the others may not reach to the good quality. But, you always want to have the best one? Aren’t you?

Similarly, if you want to own the best chainsaw chain sharpener, you should keep in mind some specific factors. Reviewing those sights of a chainsaw sharpener will ensure that you are going to the right path.

1.Construction materials

If the elements used to make the chainsaw sharpener are not quality materials then, by which way are you expect good performance from the sharpener? A heavy steel or aluminum constructed sharpener can withstand a ton of loads. Can’t you imagine what will be the scenario in case of low-grade plastic made chainsaw sharpener?


Quality of a sharpener is greatly depended on its power. More power motor will ensure sharpening perfectly. You can choose a motor that power ranges from 75 watts to 300 watts. On the side, RPM (Rotation per minute) is also an important thing. A sharpener with higher RPM will sharp quickly and save your time.

3.Chain Compatibility

In spite of having different sizes chain, all the chainsaw sharpener are not able to sharpen all of them. You should select a chainsaw sharpener that has a different grinding wheel that can sharpen different sizes chain. You may not able to sharpen all types and sizes of the chain by a chainsaw sharpener. But, the most important fact is, what sizes chains you have and are they compatible with the sharpener that you are going to purchase or intend to buy!

Our Top Chainsaw Sharpeners Reviews:

1. Oregon 511AX Saw Chain Bench Grinder/Sharpener:

The chainsaw sharpener is one of the best sharpeners today and we place it at the top of our best chainsaw sharpener list. Is there any reason for being the first place of the tool? What do you think? Definitely has.

Some of the users claim about its price but they don’t have a single report against its performance, power, operating procedure, and durability. But, you may agree with me, if you want to get the best one you need spend a minimum standard amount in fact.

The tool comes with three different grinding blades of ¼ inch, 1/8 inch, and 3/16 inch. The sharpener is able to sharpen your chain of ¼ inch, 0.325 inches, 3/8 inch, and ¾ inch. Different grinder allows adjusting different types and sizes of chains.

Grinding power of the motor can reach up to 3400 RPM (Rotation per minute). With this effort, the sharpener can make your chain sharp quickly and efficiently. If you once adjust it to the bench, it will never slip anymore. It will make sure the job perfectly keeping the highest level of safety.

The elements used to make the sharpener are collected from the heavy-duty steel. For the reason, the sharpener is durable up to the mark as well as it will give you years of years service.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Grinding power up to 3400 RPM
  • check
    Mount to the bench for greater stability
  • check
    Three different sizes grinding wheels for different sizes chain
  • check
    Heavy-duty steel made for durability

2. Vevor Saw Chain Grinder with Grinding Wheel:

This chainsaw grinder is considered as one of the chainsaw sharpeners on the market today. Constricting materials, design, operating procedure, and performance all are up to the mark according to the users, online reviews, and based on our long-time research.

Because of being bench or wall mounted sharpener, it can be mounted to the wall or bench while you are ready to sharpen your chain. It remains enough strong and solid after adjusted. There is no chance of slipping. So you can do the job with safety.

The sharpener has two grinding wheels of 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch for the sharpening different chain. Almost all type of chain you can make sharp with the machine without facing any difficulty.

Maximum sharpening power of the grinder is 3000 RPM. You can make your chain sharp with the tool quickly. The machine can save your time and money also.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Grinding power up to 3000 RPM
  • check
    Two grinding wheels of 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch
  • check
    Cast aluminum construction materials for durability
  • check
    It has a built-in work light

3. Chicago Electric Electric Chain Saw Sharpener:

Our third picks for your need is Chicago chainsaw sharpener. The product comes from a reputable manufacturer of chainsaw sharpener industry. Especially of this brand is to provide the best quality that can deliver you the best performance and for this device, these words are very much true.

With the chainsaw sharpener, you can comfortably and easily use this device at your home for the purpose of sharpening service.

The sharpener is engineered such a way, you can easily adapt it to the bench, wall, or to any plain places for the convenience of chain sharpening. The configuration of the machine allows adjusting almost all types of chain design. That is the extra added benefit that you can use it for all different type of chain design.

The machine can operate its speed up to 4200 RMP that is possibly enough speedy as your expectation. Isn’t it? Off being too speedy, it can deliver you the quick services without any trouble and also ensure your highest safety.

For your better knowing purpose, you need to know its physical characteristics as like its measurements and weight about. It measures 14.2 X 9.8 X 6.7 inches and its weight 6.5 pounds.

According to the price of this product, there is nothing to no machines which can offer you the similar quality and performance at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Can be easily mounted on the wall, bench, or vise.
  • check
    Can complete the job within short-time with its speedy 4200 RPM sharpening power
  • check
    To prevent any accidental occurrence it has safe side guards.

4. Timber Tuff CS-BWM Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener:

This chainsaw sharpener is one of the leading devices that can greatly help you sharpen your its related instruments quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for a sharpener that can do the work quickly and safely, this tool can be your top list choice.

The machine is configured with 3/16 inch, 1/8 inch, and ¼ inch grinding blades. The device is suitable for both uses in home or professional purpose. But, according to many users, the manual guide which supplied by the manufacturer is not enough instructed. For the reason, it is little difficult to use the machine properly for the beginner users but, once you handle it perfectly it will deliver you nothing but the best services.

Enough safety is maintained to the device as if there will be zero chance of occurring any accidental experience. Such as, it is configured with thermal overload protection technology.

Three different sizes of grinding wheels make the tool versatile and a 15 W work light is added to the machine for observation.

It is capable of sharpening your cutter up to 3600 RMP speed. And it will allow you to run the machine for a long time without taking any break that is an extra advantage we think.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Maximum sharpening speed 3600 RPM
  • check
    Included three different sizes of grinding blades: 3/16, 1/8, and ¼ inch
  • check
    Thermo overloaded protection technology
  • check
    The device allowed working for a long time without maintenance break

5. Timber Tuff CS-MBS Manual Bar-Mount Chain Sharpener:

Timber tuff CS-MBS manual bar mount chain sharpener is of the cheapest sharpener. If you just think you need to save money or if you cannot pay a standard amount then you can select the machine.

This sharpener can accommodate both 8 inches and 6-inch files that make the tool versatile. It can be configured on both flat and triangle depth. In spite of being flexible, the device is not enough power compared to another sharpener.

For the first time use and beginning use, it may seem to be little difficult to you. But, if handle once perfectly then you can easily do the job.

Comparing to another sharpener, constructive materials of this device is not high quality but it can deliver you the services though it never guarantees you the long-lasting services!

Many users sometimes claim about its user manual mentioning it is not clearly instructed. So, you need to make it easy by your won technique.

In fact, from a very cheap product, do you ever can expect high performance? Maybe not. Though the device is not quite high in quality and performance, it is also not similar to the waste of money.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Easily adjusted to flat and triangular depth
  • check
    Can accommodate 6 and 8 inches files
  • check
    Versatile for fast sharpening

6. Granberg Grind-N-Joint 12 Volt Hand Held Chain Grinder

A perfect example of portable chainsaw chain grinder the device is! Considering the price and quality, it is a perfect choice. The device bears some special features which are a lack in some other quality chainsaw chain grinder.

The device is lightweight. Off being lightweight it can be transported easily from one place to another. Unlike to the other devices, the machine is user-friendly and easy to use.

This tool can do its job perfectly as well as speedy. With the machine, necessary tools can be sharpened quickly. But, it will not produce any difficulty. There is an opportunity to be powered the chainsaw grinder with the car or truck batteries.

Height adjustable plate and degree angle marks ensure sharpening the tools perfectly. You can configure the sharpening angle at 25 degrees, 30 degrees, and 35 degrees as you need. Sharpening power of the machine can work up to 22000 RMP.

Extra facility of this device is, you never need to take off the chain. This feature can save your time as well as the amount of work.

The grinder comes from the USA and it is also designed and manufactured in the USA. And, you may know USA imported product will not frustrate you.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Sharpening power up to 22000 RPM
  • check
    Three sharpening angles for your convenience
  • check
    The sharpener can be powered by a car battery

7. Oregon 310-120 Bench Mounted Mini Saw Chain Grinder:

This is a mini chainsaw sharpener, but I like it. Why?

This grinder is engineered as a way it can hold your saw teeth and sharp it perfectly. The machine is suitable for both homeowners and the people related to wood cutting.

Constricting materials used to make the sharpener are high quality. Many chainsaw grinders are made up of plastic materials that will be broken easily. But, to make Oregon mini chainsaw grinder high-grade aluminum is used. This material makes the machine lightweight and of course durable.

The machine comes with the complete set. After buying the device, you don’t need to collect any items that the tool requires. All the needed tools are supplied by the manufacturer for easy use. The supplied tools are two grindings wheels, a gauge, and a dressing brick. You will be surprised to know that to keep clean the motor two motor brushes also come with the set.

You may have heard, almost all chainsaw sharpener comes with a user manual but, most of them are difficult to understand. Most of them are not instructed properly and as this is why the machine becomes difficult to use. But, Oregon chainsaw sharpener comes with a user-friendly manual guide that teaches you, how to use the machine perfectly.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    It can reach up to 4600 RPM
  • check
    Aluminum housing makes the sharpener lightweight and durable
  • check
    Comes with complete set of tools
  • check
    Ran on standard power: 115 volt

8. Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder:

The brand name “Oregon” is a well-known and reputable tool manufacturer. And, the manufacturer is now widely popular because of only their products amazing features as well as performance.

What type of chain you are using that doesn’t matter, it allows you sharpening almost all categories chain easily and perfectly. It contains three different grinding wheels for the different categories chains. This tool also does the job within a short time than another sharpener. But, it works perfectly.

Some specific portions of the sharpener are plastic made. The plastic materials are high in quality and sturdy type. When you need to sharpen different products of different sizes, it needs to set up different sharpener. But, the setup process is so easy and it takes a few moments. After all, operating process is quite easy.

Sometimes, I exert too pressure on the chain after sharpening with the Oregon 520-120 bench saw chain sharpener but, it remains enough strong without showing bluntness. On the side, it delivers the job without producing any difficulty but quickly.

The tool has all the accessories with the set. It is one of the best chainsaw chain sharpeners of the time. It can be a very good choice to buy the best chainsaw grinder.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Three grinder wheels for different chains
  • check
    It can deliver long-lasting sharpening effects
  • check
    Comes with: three grinder wheels, quick check grinding template, and a dressing brick
  • check
    Quick and perfect sharpening effect

9. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener:

This chainsaw sharpener is one of the ideal examples of perfect sharpener at a cheap price. According to chainsaw sharpener user, it is the best cheap product on the market.

What features make the sharpener popular? What is it’s special features? Let’s take a look…

It can be easily adapted to the bench, wall, or vices for stability. After adjusting it remains enough strong during use. You never worry about slipping or any hazards produced by the sharpener. From the adjusted stage to the end of use, it remains safe for the user.

Power of the motor of the sharpener is 85 watts. Though it is not too powerful it is quite enough for light use. 4200-time rotations speed per minute is so speedy for the job. The power source of the machine should come from the 120-volt electric outlet.

¼ inch and 1/8 inch grinding wheel comes with the Buffalo Tools. This two wheels for the different types and sizes of chainsaws sharpening.

Rarely, some people claimed that it’s instruction guide is poorly instructed. As this is why it is little difficult for the beginner user. But, they also agree with the matter that if you have a minimum mechanical idea, you can use it smoothly.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    For perfect stability, it can be adjusted to the wall, bench, or vices
  • check
    Two different grinder wheels for the different chain sizes
  • check
    Grinding speed 4200 RPM
  • check
    A perfect job within the quick time

10. Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder:

The electric tools that can fulfill your expectation all the way. If you want to add a luxurious tool to your workshop or personal use, it will be definitely a good choice.

Three different grinding wheels are available for the sharpening of ¼ inch, 3/8 inch low profile .325 inch, 3/8 inch and .404 inch pitch chain. The sharpener is perfect for wall mount or bench mount. After adjusting to the wall or bench, you just don’t need to worry about slipping. It will remain rock solid.

Required tools for the sharpener, three grinding wheels, a quick check grinding template, and a dressing brick all the tools come with the set. When you purchase the sharpener, it is ready to use.

A special feature in the sharpener what like every user. Do you know that?

The sharpener contains wheel wear indicator. Most of the electric chainsaw grinder lack this feature. The duty of this indicator is to produce a signal when need to replace the wheel. If you have the sharpener, you never guess the time require to replace the wheel.

Is there no feature special like this?

To see the chain tooth clearly and to trace the position of chain tooth on the device, the sharpener contains a built-in light. Every sharpener does not contain this light and according to me, it is also a safety feature.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Built-in light helps to see the position of chain tooth clearly
  • check
    Wheel wear indicator is added to the sharpener
  • check
    Quick check grinding template
  • check
    Sharpening power up to 3500 RPM

Final words

As you have a chainsaw, you should have a chainsaw sharpener also. If you realize the necessity of maintenance and keeping safe of the chainsaw is important then you need a chainsaw sharpener. You want the best product as you are the sincere person. But, think first, does everyone has the idea of about best chainsaw sharpener of today? Maybe not. That is why it is little difficult to find out the best one but we made it easy for you.

We include different ranges chainsaw sharpener but all of them are best at their own stages. All the chainsaw sharpeners of the list are incredibly well and committed to best performance.

Mark Taylor

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