Fancierstudio Heat Press Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Having considerable improvements from previous models, you will experience a perfect transfer or sublimating service. Needless to say, this best Fancierstudio Heat Press Reviews naming Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press is ready to print your favorite design over any T-shirt with optimum accuracy. In fact, its user-friendly design is good enough for commercial applications for different types of fabrics with ease.

Why Choosing This Heat Press?

With numerous convenient features, this unit is popular for sublimating T-shirts. There are some of the most versatile features mentioned below –


Construction: Being an upward opening machine, you will require less space for operating this unit for sure. The compact design offers easy operation and maintenance for the durable and heavily connected framework.

Plate Size: With this one, you will get the universal plate size of T-shirt heat pressing which measures 15” x 15”. Therefore, you will certainly not face any difficulty in color sublimating for your favorite T-shirts or different ceramic materials.

Power: The machine is designed to function with 110 V to deliver the perfect output. Not to mention, the heat generation from 1800 W is capable of providing the most permanent image transferring within seconds.

Time & Temperature: You can operate the machine for a temperature range of 0-699F which is incredibly higher than most other machines. Also, the conventional standard timer control ranging 0-999secs is available with this unit.

Adjustment: There comes an electronic customization facility to adjust the timer control and operating temperature. The full-range adjustment of heating pressure helps you to attain the best heating performance with no mistakes for sure.

Basic Information:

Plate Size (inches): 15 x 15

Temperature Range (F): 0 – 699

Swinging Arm: NO

What We Liked

  • Convenient storage requirement.
  • Higher heat generating design.
  • Versatile controlling features.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavier weight reduces portability.
Mark Taylor

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