Honda EU2200i Review : and buying guide 2020


It's not a rare scenario when we need to power things up with an electrical power source out of the home.

And our key to doing that is portable AC/DC generators. Thanks to the charm of electronics technology!

But what if you're given with choices of hundreds of models in the market? Well, just a few one of them all will turn to be good for the money.

And one such model is Honda EU2200i 120-Volt Portable Inverter Generator. 

Let's go through its features and specs to understand whether it's a good bang for bucks or not-

Product Summary:

When it comes to portable generators, Honda EU2200i 120-Volt Portable Inverter Generator seems to a piece of revolution.

No matter you're in need of AC/DC power source at home, office or camping site, this generator will be your go-to power provider. 

It's a quiet, compact and portable generator that can operate at a low noise level as 48 to 57 db A. And that's one of the best features we've figured out so far.

Fuel efficiency is another of the charming features of it, where it can run for 5 to 10 hours with a fueled up tank.

 So, if you need power for overnight long-term application, this is the ideal source.  

If you would like to combine up one or more units with this generator, it's wide open for that for up to 4400watts.

 Also, maintaining this generator is quite easy and any beginner can do that.


What We Liked

  • 4 to 10 hours of battery backup
  • Only 48-57 dBA level of noise produced
  • Easy to collaborate with other generators
  • 12V DV and 120V AC power output
  • Low maintenance required
  • Safe and free of pollutants 

What We Didn’t Like

  • The pulling chord malfunctions sometimes
  • Takes a few backs and forth during the initial days of using

Honda EU2200i Full Reviews 2019

The Engine of Honda EU2200i:

First thing first, what comes to the top of this discussion is the engine that this generator is powered by.

The source of power than the Honda EU2200i delvers is Honda GXR120 engine, which is one of the trademark engine models from Honda, the manufacturer.

With highly powered GXR120, more performance and less maintenance are what you will get.

No matter it has to be used in home, office or ground, you'll be at top of the world.

The Power Output:

Right after the engine capacity, our next concern is the power output. Well, this generator is able to provide both AC and DC output.

 The AC output will be of 120V at a power of 2200W(at max). And the DC output will be of 12V, 8.3A at a power of 100W.

Now the question is, what sort of electric equipment you can run through such power?

 As per we are concerned, any kind of electric items that we use in household purposes- are good to go with this generator.

The list includes TV, Laptop, DVD, Microwave Oven, Blender, Incandescent lights, Refrigerator etc.

Honda EU2200i Is Super Easy to Use:

One of the finest parts of this generator is- it's super easy to operate it.

There is a single controlling knob and a recoil pulling cable provided. And these are all you need to put the generator in function. 

All the controls are placed on one side of the generator and this all-in-one control panel is everything you need to custom its functions.

 Here are the indicators that the control panel contains-

  • Low oil level LED indicator.
  • Overload indicator LED.
  • Output power indicator.

How Quiet Is Honda EU2200i?

As we all know, noise production is one of the most serious headaches of generator manufacturers. And Honda is no exception.

Luckily, the globally reputed brand has put some serious effort on their portable generator and Honda EU2200i is one fine example of that.

As per the industry standard, the noise level has been measured around 50dBa from a distance of 23 feet. Where many other generators are likely to produce noise of 70-80 dBa at the same distance.

Fuel Shut Off Valve to Keep It On Work:

One of the user-friendly features that this generator offers is the fuel shut off valve. It allows you to run even when the fuel supply is off.

You can get done with the issues related to state fuel. 

What About the Maintenance?

We know that you don't like to waste hours and hours each week to maintain a portable generator. And Honda EU2200i is one of the rights picks for your mindset.

To make the maintenance easy, here are the features that are embedded in this generator-

  • check
    Large oil filler opening and a long spout. That will turn to fuel faster and more accurate.
  • check
    Fuel shutoff valve will make sure that the engine is shut off when the engine is low in fuel level.
  • check
    Metal recoil tape to reduce potential damage to the generator

Can It Be Paired With Other Generators?

For some purposes, you may need to pair it up with one or more of other generators.

In that cases, Honda EU2200i will bring a smile to your face. It can be easily paired with other generators.

This function comes to be embedded in by default, and there is no chance of damages or errors while pairing up.

With just the basic guideline followed, you can pair it up with other models from Honda or other brands.

Does Honda EU2200i Get Hot While Working?

This is one common issue that bothers almost anyone who uses generators as a power source, specially for long hours.

With Honda EU2200i has an excellent ventilation port of about 2.31 inches. When it comes to inverter cooling, this seems to be well enough.

Apart from the ventilation hole, there are some ventilation ducts as well to keep the internal air flowing in. And such air flow also keeps the overall performance up.


Thanks for getting to the dead bottom of the article. Hopefully, our review has helped you out to has a transparent view of what you'll get in Honda EU2200i 120-Volt Portable Inverter Generator.

Best of luck!


Mark Taylor

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